About Us

Creativiviaggi is tour operator and travel agency in Taranto, with a long time experience in social tourism.

Our dream is to promote the culture of travel through meetings, organized tours and excursions realized in co-design with the same participants. Today, as cooperative, it continues to design and program ViviTour and ViviBus,tours and excursions to be enjoyed in group.

According to Civil Economy values, ours services and tours are focused on people, in relation to the hosting place, in order to enhance local communities respecting the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism.

Creativiviaggi is AITR’s partner (Italian Association for Responsible Tourism). It works with no-profit organizations, freelancers and companies of South Italy (Ionian Area) to promote typical local resources, that can’t be relocated, through inbound tourism proposals: ViviPuglia (Apulia) and ViviBasilicata (Lucania).

Turismo Lento is the brand created to promote a slow and responsible tourism, which considers the values ​​of a country and its typicality. Spain is the first destination chosen by Creativiviaggi to start the project with paths and a strong relational impact experiential travel that make the trip unique and memorable, thanks to the involvement of the host community.

Design and networking are the key to our path of cooperation and words continue to support people who, as we wish to transform personal experiences and passions into a real job, integrating skills and professionality to get together to develop a project idea.

If you have an original proposal to be presented, write us! We are happy to answer 🙂


Creativiviaggi Team

Arturo Nobile

Arturo Nobile

Co – founder. Project manager of Turismo Lento. Travel designer and tour leader. Explorer and expert of the way. Santiago de Compostela Pilgrim and founder of the project “Adopt a pilgrim – Santiago for everyone”



Alessandra Cotugno

Travel designer. Staff of AMEC project – Mediterranean Academy of Civil Economy since 2012. Archaeologist, passionate about art and beauty, always looking for travel experiences to be enjoyed and lived.



Elena Stefanelli

Co – founder and technical manager. Promoter and staff of AMEC project – Mediterranean Academy of Civil Economy. Expert in administration and management of no-profit organization and cooperatives. Passionate about to welfare and social issues.